2022 Spotify Wrapped

December 01, 2022

I feel the need to share this year's spotify wrapped, mainly because I think it's hilarious but also because I'm pretentious and like to feel unique. some comments first: when I first saw my stats, I wasn't surprised. I did think it was funny, but it didn't occur to me that what I got might actually be unusual. then my best friend showed me his spotify wrapped and I realized I may be displaying symptoms of mental illness.

without further ado........

    my top genres:
  1. screamo
  2. rock
  3. indie pop
  4. pop punk
  5. nu metal

not a lot out of the ordinary there, right? let's move on.

"In 2022, your total play time was 63,001 minutes. That's more than 95% of other listeners in the United States."
again, not very surprising. I guess 95% is high, but one of my tumblr mutuals literally got 100% last year, so that's the standard I judge myself by. one of my university group chats was discussing their results, and I was about to share mine when someone said they got 6,000 for their whole year. yeah. backed out of that convo real quick.

my top song was "fast times at clairemont high" by pierce the veil. I played it 132 times.
not surprised by the song or artist; it's my favorite album from my favorite band. I was surprised by the 132 figure because I thought that seemed a little low. will have to up my game for next year.

okay, this is where the mental illness kicks in...

    my top songs
  1. "fast times at clairemont high" by pierce the veil
  2. "caraphernelia" by pierce the veil
  3. "props & mayhem" by pierce the veil
  4. "one hundred sleepless nights" by pierce the veil
  5. "bulls in the bronx" by pierce the veil

that is my top 5. I am 100% serious. again, when I first saw it, I didn't think anything of it!! like, they're my favorite band, obviously I'm gonna listen to them a lot. and then my friend showed me his (AND I THOUGHT WE HAD THE SAME SORT OF OBSESSIVE TASTE) and it was like Oh. There's Actually Variety There. Huh.

it gets worse though. here's the real kicker: "Your top artist this year was Pierce The Veil. You spent 15,331 minutes together. You were in the top 0.05% of Pierce The Veil listeners this year."
my thoughts: I wasn't in the 0.01%, so there was more that could have been done. back to aforementioned university convo, someone said one of their twitter mutuals was in the top 0.05% of lady gaga listeners, and I had to stop myself from being like "what, like it's hard?" BECAUSE THEY ACTED LIKE IT WAS SO IMPOSSIBLE!! HELLO????????

    my top artists (and this should surprise no one):
  1. pierce the veil
  2. my chemical romance
  3. fall out boy
  4. the used
  5. sleeping with sirens

very similar to last year, where I had my chemical romance as #1, pierce the veil as #2, fall out boy and sleeping with sirens the same, and bring me the horizon instead of the used. I guess some things never change, or when they do, they change very very slowly.